What Happened Now.

"Someday Everything Will All Make Perfect Sense. So Laugh At The Confusion, Smile Through The Tears And Keep Reminding Yourself That Everything Happens For A Reason."

“Someday Everything Will All Make Perfect Sense. So Laugh At The Confusion, Smile Through The Tears And Keep Reminding Yourself That Everything Happens For A Reason.”

What Happened Now.

For The One’s You Love Dearly, This One Is For You

When You Were Young Just A Little Youth

Do You Remember What You Use To Do

You Use To Look In The Mirror For About Over An Hour Making Silly Little Faces That Made You Giggle

Mummy, Mummy Don’t I Look Silly

Oh, Darling Yes You Look Beautiful My Little Angel

But, What Happened Now

You Look At Every Corner Pointing Out Every Little Flaw That You Didn’t Even Notice Before

My Child, You Have Grown So But Why Have You Changed That Even Your Own Mother Doesn’t Seem To Know You Anymore

Don’t You See, Your Still Young, Your Still My Little Baby

But, What Happened Now

Don’t You Recognise Me, You Don’t Seem To Call Me Mummy Anymore

Why Do You Seem To Hate Yourself, It Wasn’t Like This Before

Daddy Use To Say I’m His Little Princess But Not No More

He Tells Me, He Use To Love The Way I Was Before

But, What Happened Now

I Don’t Understand Why Thing’s Have To Change That Even I Don’t Recognise Myself No More

Is This How Life Is Meant To Be Or Am I Being The Person I’m Not Meant To Be

What Happened, I Don’t Seem To Understand, Someone Please Explain To Me

All I Do Now Is Sit In This Corner Hoping Nobody Will Notice Me

Not Like When I Was Seven, I Use To Love Being The Class Clown

But, What Happened Now

I Don’t See What’s So Funny For The Little Stupid Thing’s I Use To Do

I Know I’m Not Little Anymore But Why Can’t I Just Be Me

I Heard About Maturity But Can’t I Just Learn For A Little While Longer

Do I Have To Change So You’ll Like Me

Well, That’s Not How It Use To Be

So, What Happened Now

Don’t You Still Love Me Even Though I Don’t Call You Mummy And Daddy

Because Apparently I’m Too Old To Do So Well, That’s What I Think But I Didn’t Say I Don’t Love You, I Just Show It In A Different Way

But Why Don’t You Understand That This Daughter Or Son Still Love’s You The Same Way Just Like Before

They Just Need Some Time To Feel Comfortable Again

Because Growing Up Is Never Easy And That’s The Only Change That Has Happened

So If I Make A Mistake Won’t You Forgive Me And Try To Understand

That I Still Love You Dearly, Mummy And Daddy

So Please Promise Me, You Won’t Leave Me, I Don’t Want To Go Through What Happened Again

I Try So Hard To Keep These Tears In But Instead I Cry You A River

Because You Are The Only People That I Know Will Stay By Me When I Cry A Thousand Tears

So, Maybe I Should Believe That Everything Happens For A Reason And That Reason Was Because You Have Always Loved Me

I Just Needed To Open My Eye’s And Not Say Goodbye Just Yet

Because My Journey Still Continues, I Just Need To Believe In You

And I Promise Nothing Has Happened, I’m Just All Grown Up Now And I Hope To See You Again

Lot’s Of Love Dearly, Your Little Angel And For You Daddy Your Little Princess

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