A Feeling.


A Feeling.

When My Heart Is Breaking I Get This Feeling

A Feeling That Never Ends But Lasts Than Fades

But I Guess This Is Crazy That Love Makes You Do Stupid Thing’s You Were Never Meant To Do

Until One Day You Open Your Eye’s And Realise What Your Really Going Through

But It’s Never Wrong To Fall In Love With A Person Who You Thought Will Be Your Soul Mate

But It’s Just A Feeling, Right? A Feeling You Can’t Deny

A Feeling We Get When We Touch But A Bond We Haven’t Established Just Yet

But It’s Never Meant To Be Easy Because It’s The Only Way You’ll Find Out What’s Meant To Be Right

But I Don’t Care I Still Get The Butterflies I Won’t Lie

But It’s Just A Feeling, But Feelings Still Hurt

So, I Tell Myself It’s Okay Because It Was Meant To Be This Way

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‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

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