A Broken Heart.


A Broken Heart.

A Broken Heart Is All I Got

Because I’ve Been To Places I Should Have Not

I Committed To A Lasting Knot

That Should Have Filled Me With Joy And What Not To Hope For

I Fell In Love With You The Moment You Spoke

But You Took My Heart And You Left Me Broke

And Now Every Time I Hear Your Name Being Called

I Get These Goosebumps That I Never Felt Before

But I Should Have Learned The Truth Before It Lost It’s Plot

Because Now I’m Left With A Broken Heart

And Even Now I Don’t Know What A Broken Heart Is Worth

But Somehow I’ll Find Out Someday How To Mend This Broken Heart Of Mine

For Now It Rests Until Another Day Goes By

Empty, Lonely And Wondering Why

A Broken Heart Has Teared Me Apart

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‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

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