How The Day’s Have Gone.

"Starting Today, I Need To Forget What's Gone. Appreciate What Still Remains And Look Forward To What's Coming Next."

“Starting Today, I Need To Forget What’s Gone. Appreciate What Still Remains And Look Forward To What’s Coming Next.”

How The Day’s Have Gone.

Yesterday Has Gone But I’m Definitely Sure Tomorrow Will Come

How Do You Know? I Don’t, For I Believe My Life Is Still Young

How The Day’s Have Gone

Every Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year Is Supposedly Meant To Be Different

For They Tell Me Remember Life Goes On

Believing Everyday Is A New Beginning, A New Journey

How I Let Time Pass Away

As It Now Quietly Lays In It’s Grave

All I Can Hear Of It Is It’s Tick Tock Of It’s Clock

As It Whispers To Me Don’t Waste Your Time As Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone. You Only Get One Life To Live And This Is Your Only Chance To Shine

Oh, How The Day’s Have Gone

Why Is It That This Silence Feels So Loud

For All I Know I Have Sinned And Done Wrong

But Is That Not A Part Of Life To Learn From Your Mistakes

I Thought I Had Plenty Of Time But Maybe I Was Wrong

Why Can’t I Be Correct For Just This Time Only

As For Now My Mind Is Old And Fragile It Doesn’t Seem To Remember A Thing

How I Once Dreamed A Dream But Never Used My Time To Live My Dream

How I Have Wasted My Only Time And Let All Those Little Thing’s Slip Out My Hand

How These Day’s Have Gone

Even I Don’t Know What I Have Done Wrong

For Believing I Can Start Again

For All I Can Remember Is Laying In My Bed Listening To My Favourite Song

How My Heart Felt Heavy And My Mind Felt Weak

For Even I Can’t Describe This Heat But I Know Yesterday Will Not Repeat

But Maybe I Could Today Replay The Moment And Pretend Just Like It Was Yesterday

For I Wish I Can Turn Back Time But That Is Not Even Possible To Think

How The Day’s Have Gone

Even I Don’t Know For Sure

How Everything Was Once Beautiful Until I Decided To Take An Unexplained U-Turn

But Not Only Did This Cause Me Misery But Turned My Life Upside Down

To Say I’m Lucky Or Maybe Blessed

For I’m Still Here Breathing This Life Of Mine

For Never Again Will I Waste My Time

And Appreciate What Still Remains

Praying For How Hopeful Life Has Been

Smiling For Seeing Every Moment Like A Dream

Realising How Precious Time Can Really Be

How The Day’s Have Gone And Yet There Are Still Better Day’s Yet To Come

So Please, Please, Please Do What You Want, Be Who You Want, See Who You Want, Love Who You Want, Dream Like You Want And Live Like You Want

As For Now The Day’s Will Go On And On Until One Day It Will All Be Gone…

Live Every Moment Like It’s Your Last And Look Forward To What’s Coming Next

Copyright © 2014 Rohima Begum All Rights Reserved

We. See Hope

‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

{Rohima Begum – 2014 © All Rights Reserved}


14 thoughts on “How The Day’s Have Gone.

  1. Myself Khan says:

    Actually I started A Blog “An initiative for a good change” So my first post i want it on women to spread it all the people so as they understand the true importance and value of women, they are not a toy to play with or a thing to remove your frustration, So I need something similar kind of post or article so that I can post and stand for a change 🙂 Hope you would help me, Actually Wrote it but it got deleted from me and I am unable to remember anything now due illness Not well from many days. so need to work on it :). I would be really thankful to you if you can help me out in this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ok, thank you. Your blog title sounds good so far, seems interesting. Your first post is also based on a good concept so it’s definitely worth the time, I really do like your idea so far as above for everything you have mentioned. It’s a really good statement to write about and put out there to show an understanding of the true importance and value of women so very nicely said there as this also reflects on me, I’m really pleased that you want to stand for a change so please do go ahead. As I mentioned in my previous comment I am happy to help you out on this one and I will do my best to assist you on this if there is anything that I feel does give you a bit of support or idea. I’m also sorry that your post got deleted so that’s not a good start but no worries, also bless I hope you are well now if not I hope you get well soon. As I said I’ll see what I can do for you, if that’s fine with you so just bear with me as I haven’t written articles before but hopefully I have some idea’s that can assist you so apologies in advance if I’m a bit late on this but otherwise feel free to ask me questions that may be useful for your article if that is of any help and also thank you for seeking my help and reaching out to me, much appreciated. All The Best and Best Wishes… Thanks & Take Care.


      • Thank you so much for letting me know. I have had a look on your blog for the article you have posted and have left my feedback so when you have time please do have a read of it and let me know if it was useful. Many returns, Kind Regards… Thanks & Take Care.


      • Myself Khan says:

        Yes It was really helpful and it give me a positive energy to work on that blog Hope This post changes the mind and behavior of the person toward women and start respecting them.

        Liked by 1 person

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