A Smile.

"When Life Gives You A Hundred Reasons To Cry, Show Life That You Have A Thousand Reasons To Smile."

“When Life Gives You A Hundred Reasons To Cry, Show Life That You Have A Thousand Reasons To Smile.”

A Smile.

I Remember Those Cheesy Faces You Use To Do When I Would Say Smile

So I Could Capture Those Moments And Put Up On The Wall So You Could See When You Become Old

Your Smile Is What Made You Look Beautiful Even I Couldn’t Stop Smiling Too

I Don’t Know What It Was About You But You Looked So Happy To Be In Your Own Shoes

That Smile You Use To Do Even I Didn’t Know What To Do

Because That Smile Made Me Feel As if I Was So Much Worth It To You

You Really Do Make Someone’s Day When You Give Them That Smile

Because It Light’s Up My Face And The People Around Me Too

Ok, Maybe It’s Not Something Big But You Really Do Change Someone’s Day

Because Without You Realising It’s Not Something You Do When You Have A Bad Day

So When A Stranger Smiles At You, What Do You Tend To Do?

You Smile Back And Think That Really Changed My View

You Can’t Be Happy If You Feel Upside Down

So Let Me Tell You That Frown Just Needs A Little Turning Around

Just Believe In Me It Really Is Good To Be You

Just Remember The Face Don’t Worry About The Name

But The Point Is All I Can Remember Of You Is Your Smile

It Felt As If Everything Had Stopped For Awhile

So In The Moment I Took It All In

As This Moment May Not Come Again

I Looked At The Reflection Of A Shop Mirror How Beautiful I Look When I Smile

The Only Thing I Noticed Was A Smile

I Just Can’t Wipe It Off My Face This Big Grin Across My Face That’s Exposing How I Really Feel

Because How Could You Hide A Feeling That Is Ever So Real

That Happiness You Feel Inside Of You Is Bound To Shine On The Outside

In Return It’s A Smile That You Put on

An Expression That You Hope Would Last A Long Time

So Just Look In The Mirror And Smile For A Second

Did You Feel The Reaction Of Your Whole Body

It Can’t Stop Giggling Even Though It May Sound A Little Silly

Did You See That Little Beauty It Makes You Feel Strong Already

So Just Keep Smiling And Maybe I’ll Catch It The Next Time I See You

Because It’s Contagious And That’s A Good Thing Too

So If I Feel ill I Know It’s Because Of You, Your Smile Passed On To Me Before I Could Count One, Two

It’s A Great Feeling Really And A Good Look Too, This Smile

So Maybe I’ll Just Smile Even If I Feel Blue

So Trust Me, When You Smile You Make Other’s Want To Smile Too

Maybe It’s Something I Should Do More Often And Keep Smiling At You

Because Everyone Tells Me I Look Beautiful Every Time I Do

A Smile Changed The Way People See Me Too

And A Smile Covered Up My Pain And Struggles Too So Nobody Knew

Just Smile And That’s Your Day Done

Just Smile That’s All You Need To Do

Smile And Believe Everything Will Just Be Fine

A Smile Is A Way Of Showing You Love Being You

Didn’t I Tell You, Your Looking Good

Keep Smiling And Thanks For Making Me Too

Life Seems Happy When Your Smiling. Doesn’t It?

Copyright © 2014 Rohima Begum https://w3seeh0pe.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved

We. See Hope

‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

{Rohima Begum – 2014 © All Rights Reserved}


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