I Believe In You.

"Don't Give Up. I Believe In You All. A Person's A Person, No Matter How Small."

“Don’t Give Up. I Believe In You All. A Person’s A Person, No Matter How Small.”

I Believe In You.

My Very Special Words I Would Like To Say To You Is I Believe In You

I Believe In You For Every Little Thing You Do

For Every Mistake You’ve Made I Know There’s An Angel In Disguise

Just Waiting To Show Your Pride

Show Them What Your Worth Because I Know Your Worth A Dime That A Million Could Never Buy

I Believe In You Because I Have Seen You Shine

I Believe In You Because I Know What You Can Do

But Why Don’t You Do What You Have Been Longing To Do

Why Don’t You Do What Your Heart Is Telling You. Don’t You Get That Feeling? Because I Know I Do

Why Don’t You Chase Your Dream, The Dream You’ve Been Chasing Since You Were Only Two

Why Don’t You Trust Me When I Say I Believe In You

Because I Haven’t Changed I’m Just Encouraging You

Look In The Mirror Who Do You See

Do You See The Person You Thought You’ll Once Be

Because You’ve Come This Far Do You See Your The Best You Can Be In Reality

I Believe In You Just Trust Me How Many Times Have You Tripped And I Have Helped You

Why Don’t You See How Beautiful You Have Become Because When I Look In Your Eye’s You Make Me Feel Proud To Be Who I Am

I Told You I Believe In You That’s Why I Held Your Hand

So When You Feel Weak I Can Make You Feel Strong

Because We’re In This Together And We Will Always Be One

I Believe In You As Much As You Believe In Me

Because This Is Just The Beginning And Hope Is What Keeps Us Going

So Just Keep Smiling And Pray For Seeing The Next Day. This Day Could Have Been Your Lucky Day

Because What You May Have Other’s May Not

This Love And Support I’m Giving You, You Should Accept

As This Is My Honour On Your Request

For Everything You Did That Helped Me Progress

I Believe In You Just Never Say Never

The Best Day’s Are Yet To Come As Our Life Has Just Begun

I Believe In You So Please Do What You Have Always Been Willing To Do

Because You Never Know Those Day’s May Never Come

And You’ll Regret For What You Haven’t Done

As The Clock Will Still Be Ticking And The Time Will Still Be Passing But There Is No Button To Rewind Back That Time

So Don’t Stop What Your Doing As Time Will Not Stop With You But It Will Show You All The Thing’s You Should Have Done While You Still Had That Time

But Just Remember All The Words I Had Said To You To Make You Feel Better

I Believe In You Just Try Again One More Time

I Believe In You Just Like I Have Always Done

I Believe In You It’s Never Too Late To Try Again

I Believe In You, Your The Reason I Am Strong

I Believe In You Just Believe In Yourself For One Last Time

Thanks, I Told You That’s All You Got To Do And I Promised Everything Will Just Be Fine

I Believe In You And I Will Never Stop Believing In You

I May Not Be Perfect But I Have A Way Just Believe In Yourself And Trust Me You’ll Go A Long Way…

Copyright © 2014 Rohima Begum https://w3seeh0pe.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved

We. See Hope

‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

{Rohima Begum – 2014 © All Rights Reserved}


8 thoughts on “I Believe In You.

      • I have also nominated you for the one lovely blog award but you didn’t saw that your blog is really very worth watching and reading stuff you have such beautiful and learning post but let it be no issue will see if there any new award coming soon so that i can nominate you again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh wow! Wasn’t expecting this but very thoughtful and kind of you to do so. I’m really pleased you enjoy reading my posts and what I like more is your encouragement, I really do appreciate your word’s. Thank you so much but I don’t feel thank you is enough so I’ll just say you really do make my day. Keep your hope’s up and thank you once again… Thanks, take care!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I think it’s obvious that I binged on you to posts :D, haha. But really, I loved the and enjoyed reading them. Such inspirational words written with simplicity. It felt like you were speaking to me yet at the same time, telling yourself the same thing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm, I loved your comment there. Thank you so much, really appreciate the thought and your kind word’s. I’m glad you loved and enjoyed reading the post. Yes definitely, I’m pleased you felt as if I was speaking to you and of course just like yourself I need a bit of inspiration so thank you. I enjoyed reading your comment so thanks for taking the time to post one… Thanks & Take Care.

      Liked by 1 person

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