Why Do I Feel This Way.

"You Make Me Feel Low, Don't Make Me Feel Low Cause I Try So Hard To Convince Myself It's Ok That I Feel This Way."

“You Make Me Feel Low, Don’t Make Me Feel Low Cause I Try So Hard To Convince Myself It’s Ok That I Feel This Way.”

Why Do I Feel This Way.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Is It Me Or The World That Surrounds Me

That Makes Me Feel Ever So Lonely

Because Love Is What Slowly Kills Me

All My Scars, Pain And Memories Still Remain

You Call Me By My Name And Tell Me I’m Beautiful In Every Little Way

So I Pray And Thank You For Making My Day

But Still, Why Do I Feel This Way?

My Heart Is Filled With Emotions But My Mind Is Filled With Pain

Because I’m Still Stuck In The Past And It’s What Shall Remain

But Someone Tell Me Why Do I Feel This Way?

I’m Filled With Joy But For Some Reason I Only Feel Sorrow

Because These Word’s Are Not Enough To Express My Feelings But These Tears Will Tell You My Whole Story

A Story That Even I Don’t Understand

But A Story You Would Wish Ended Happily Ever After

A Story Once Told But Never Forgotten

All I Remember Is Those Memories Are Now Kept As Treasure

And That Treasure Is Ever So Precious Even I Couldn’t Bear To Lose

As That Is All That Remains A Part Of My History

If You Look Closely You’ll See I’m Not Strong As I Use To Be

I Fake A Smile So You’ll Stay Away For A Little While

Until Than I Travel This Long Open Road Which Is Ever So Narrow

Hoping I’ll Find My Own Way

Hoping This Feeling Will Just Go Away

Hoping I’ll Just Be Ok

But Why, Why Do I Feel This Way?

The Pain That You Disguise

Is The Pain That Once Broke Me Down

To The Point I Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore

I Know Things Have Changed But I Promise You I’m Still The Same

Back Than When We Were Young We Didn’t Know Much New

I Didn’t Know What Love Was Until I Fell In Love With You

For Now I Don’t Believe Love Is Real

But I Believe It’s One Of A Kind

That Only You And I Will Feel

So Appreciate The Love You Share Today

And Trust Me, You’ll Feel Ok.

Copyright © 2014 Rohima Begum https://w3seeh0pe.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved

 We. See Hope

‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

{Rohima Begum – 2014 © All Rights Reserved}


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