Live Life

“Live The Life You Love. Love The Life You Live”

     Nowadays, Everyone just seems so busy it’s like they don’t have time for you but why be bothered just Live Life. Remember life goes on, so don’t hold onto the past and don’t wait around for people to walk into your life, walk into theirs…

     You meet so many different people whether they’re strangers or family friends but not one person is like another. We’re all individuals, we have different personalities, characteristics, choices etc. But even though we’re aware of that we still seem to compare ourselves to others “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”. Like what’s the point, what do you get out of that? You’ve got to understand that there will be people who you think is better than you but that’s your mind playing or it’s you being stupid, not in a bad way but you just need to realise how you take on a situation is how you’ll think about the situation.

     If you overlook or think your going to make yourself feel bad, than why do it? Just don’t, Just worry about yourself. Think of how you can make yourself better in terms of achieving a goal, appreciate yourself and just live your life. Don’t get caught up with stuff that puts you down but of course it’s your life, your choice however try to look at the bright side, things will get better but just remember “Life Is 10% Of What Happens To You And 90% Of How You React To It”.

     Like I say, your responsible for your own life no-one else. So whatever you do or say it should only affect you. Be proud of who you are because everyone else is living their life, and no matter what anyone else says don’t change who you are for anyone but yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, Just live for you and nobody else but of course never forget your family. Never forget who loved you, never forget who cared, never forget who struggled and never forget who was there for you. Live your life with no regrets, there’s no point of crying over yesterday. Love the way you live your life, do whatever you like, it’s your life.

“Work For A Cause, Not For Applause. Live Life To Express, Not To Impress.”

We. See Hope

‘Expect With Confidence. Never Give Up Hope. It’s Just The Beginning’

{Rohima Begum – 2014 © All Rights Reserved}


4 thoughts on “Live Life

    • Thanks for your comment… Well, I say don’t worry you will see better days come, sometimes you go through struggles because it makes you stronger and it teaches you to appreciate what you do have in your life. You should never quit but keep on going even if you feel like giving up. If you give up the only person you have let down is yourself. As much as you can just believe in hope sometimes it takes time for a little miracle to happen. Just stay strong and appreciate where you are in Life. You’ve come this far not to quit but to succeed. Keep your head up high and just smile…

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